About Us

Eve Sliver Jewelry is proudly based in Sydney, Australia.

Eve Sliver Jewelry uses genuine material of fine and premium sliver and with plated gold and through this Eve Sliver Jewelry offers original, contemporary designed fashion accessories for all age women.

Our strong design and commitment to working with sliver jeweler across the globe that has traditional skills and techniques guarantee authentic, high quality production result in new and exciting range.

 We are very passionate about inspiring and supporting our customers, and we have a strong presence in the local community by interacting with our local market around Sydney. We are presenting our unique and delicate and inexpensive silver jewelleries in Westfield Sydney CBD, Glebe, Bondi, Brewery yard and Kirribilli Markets on Saturday and Sunday. Also we are proudly to say that we are communicating with our customers through SNS such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Facebook’ and developing trending design all the time.

 For Eve Sliver Jewelry, it is important to provide the best quality jewelry for each customer and have contemporary reflection of our cultures, bringing you to new unique collections every year.

 If you seek any additional information or have any questions, please click contact us.

 We look forward to serving you soon.

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Eve Sliver Jewelry